What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. It is a complementary and alternative therapeutic modality used to help with a variety of problems. The actual experience of hypnosis is a natural state of focused awareness characterized by relaxation, suggestibility and heightened ability to use your imagination. It has also been compared to that mental state between wakefulness and sleep.

According to The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis’ website, hypnotherapy, much like hypnosis, is a “state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.” Unlike a hypnotist, however, hypnotherapists are mental health professionals bound to uphold a strict code of ethics and trained in a specific, advanced medical/mental health field. 

When facilitated with a licensed mental health practitioner, hypnotherapy can help clients mitigate and even overcome a variety of common mental and physical health issues, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain and addiction, and has been proven to be effective in creating behavioral changes, such as quitting smoking, weight management and other desired lifestyle changes. Used in medical settings since 1958, hypnosis is an effective tool used to reduce pain and discomfort. Expressed in a more general way, it helps to reduce distress and instill positive expectations.

How Does It Work?

Using mental imagery and focused attention while in a relaxed yet aware state, you can learn to respond differently to emotional triggers or clarify specific goals that are important to you. Guiding you through a safe, encouraging and supportive hypnotherapy session, I facilitate what it is that you specifically want to accomplish, whether that be mitigating alcohol use, better sleep, weight loss or ego strengthening and confidence building, to name a few. Throughout the session you are awake, participating and remembering. You are aware and in control during all hypnosis sessions and we only go as deep as you need or want to go

Hypnotherapy is a very individualized process, which is why we’ll meet for an initial session to spend time building rapport and exploring the goal(s) that you want to reach through clinical hypnosis. In this session, I also explain how the brain works, triggers, addictions (if relevant) and why we, as humans, so often get caught up on the hamster wheel of anxiety, depression and stuck in habits and patterns. We can then do a brief session to see if hypnotherapy resonates with you. Hypnotherapy may not be for everyone, but for people who want to make a change, clinical hypnosis can produce sustained results. 

All sessions are client driven and we’ll move at a pace that is comfortable for you; however, for traditional habit change, many clients can experience results in a short period of time. And, we always spend time afterward to process your personal experience and discuss ways to sustain further results. 

Like anything else in life, hypnotherapy works best when you are highly motivated for change and ready to live in a way in which your thoughts and behaviors are in alignment. Hypnotherapy is also an excellent tool that can be used to quiet critical thinking, get to the root cause(s) of what is holding you back and move goals, intentions and thoughts that serve rather than hinder you to the forefront of your thinking.

My Therapy And Coaching Practice

Hypnotherapy is a tool that I use with existing clients to accelerate the healing process and work toward a specific goal, but I also see clients outside of my therapy practice to work on something really specific, such as quitting smoking or weight loss. Hypnotherapy can be used independently or as an adjunct to traditional talk therapy. If you’re currently working with another therapist who does not offer clinical hypnosis, I can collaborate with him or her to assist in accelerating a specific outcome and to ensure that you’re getting the most comprehensive care. 

I truly believe that change is possible and that there is a path to healing for everyone. It’s just a matter of figuring out what works specifically for you. Whether it’s just hypnotherapy, a different approach or clinical hypnosis in tandem with another approach, we can explore what it is that you need to heal, grow, make positive changes in your life and live as your fullest, most authentic and joyful self. 

Learn More About Working With A Clinical Hypnotherapist

If you have a specific goal in mind and/or what to learn more about hypnotherapy, I invite you to call my office in Mattituck, NY at 613-714-2634 for a free consultation. I’m happy to discuss your specific situation and decide if we’d be a good fit, as well as answer any questions you have my education, training and practice.