You Deserve To Be Happy
Wellbeing Focused Counseling and Coaching in Mattituck, NY and Online

Do you feel stuck, uncertain or overwhelmed? Are you tired of struggling with depression and/or anxiety, always feeling sad, irritable or on edge? Is alcohol causing you and/or loved ones pain and keeping you from feeling fulfilled and realizing your inherent potential? Maybe you’re going through a significant life transition or a particularly difficult challenge, and are seeking guidance and support as you navigate new waters. Perhaps you’re struggling in relationships at home, at work or both, although what you really want is peace and connection. Or, it might be that your own thinking and behavior are out of sync with what you really want and coping patterns that once brought relief are now causing you pain. Do you want to shift, figure out what you need to feel joy and take thoughtful actions that can improve your life?

You Can Create Change And Enjoy Your Life

People come to therapy for many reasons, however, taking that first step toward help is oftentimes the hardest. Although we all need help sometimes, I recognize that reaching out for support can feel daunting. I also know through years in practice, however, that so much relief can come when we share our experiences in a trusting relationship. I also know that while we are all inherently deserving of happiness, making needed changes in our lives almost always requires a shift in perspective and action—even if just that “action” is a thoughtful shift in thinking.

I believe that we are each created with a core purpose and calling. I also believe that creating flexibility in attitude and outlook is the key to happiness. Life will inevitably throw us curveballs and challenges, however by honoring feelings without judgment and taking thoughtful actions that are in alignment with what is most meaningful to you, you can create a path toward joy, purpose and fulfillment.  

As a person, psychotherapist and life coach, I will listen with compassion as well as gently and practically help you devise your own call to action. Together, we can figure out what you need to experience and sustain a true sense of inner wellbeing—no matter what is going around you. Sessions are a time for you to shift and focus on you, recognize your strengths and innate goodness and begin being the change you want in your life.

Change Can Start Today

You are not alone and things can and will get better. If you’re struggling with uncomfortable feelings, alcohol issues and/or other difficult life circumstances, I invite you to call my office at 631-714-2634. I’m happy to discuss your specific situation and decide if we’d be a good fit. I can also answer any questions you have about anxiety and depression counseling, alcohol abuse counseling, online therapy and my practice.